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Key Points of Ice Ledger:

  • The First accounts system for new start up companies.
  • Comprehensive business accounting software.
  • Absolutely FREE to use for a whole year.
  • Fully functional - NO restrictions of any kind.
  • Guaranteed to be completely FREE of any adverts.
  • Available for free download on release date.
  • Official Release Date: Tue 01 Dec 2015
Ice Ledger is not only a comprehensive business accounting software for small to medium sized business that companies can download and use for free but it can also be a vehicle to help promote you and your organisation.

We are offering Companies and Organisations that help and advise new start up companies to become a Partner.

Selected Partners receive a copy of Ice Ledger software that will be branded with their details.

You will be able to distribute the branded copy of Ice Ledger to your clients freely so that they can manage their company accounts from the start.

Each time they run Ice Ledger to manage their company accounts, your details will appear prominently on the front page of the program, as highlighted in the picture below - keeping your details firmly in their mind.

If you are interested in becoming a partner, please use the form below to register your interest.

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We will NOT sell or pass your information to any third-party companies, organisations or individuals.
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